Know a client with recurring catering that you would love to cater to more often? Send them our way!

Share their contact info and we'll get in touch. For every qualified referral that becomes a new Lish subscriber, you will be eligible for a $200 Amazon Gift Card when they set up a pilot.*

Refer, Earn 

and Grow with Lish


Do you have clients that order catering regularly, but order from you infrequently, or recurring customers who require more hands-on management than you have time for?  

We would love to serve these clients! Lish will do what we do best- build long term relationships with these customers by offering them great food and a high level of service. We view growth for Lish as growth for your business- this is a mutually beneficial partnership. By managing these client accounts, we hope to increase their ordering frequency and direct all of their catering orders to our partners, meaning sending more orders your way! 

In addition to growing your business, you will be eligible for a referral reward of $200 Amazon Gift Card.

Who Qualifies?

Why refer clients to Lish?

We’d love to reach out as long as your client's office or office building is located in the greater Seattle metro area. This program isn't limited to catering referrals- feel free to refer building property managers if you think a Lish Popup would be a good fit for their building lobby. 

This referral offer is limited to offices and teams that have recurring meals and are not currently using Lish. Any scheduled meal that repeats on the same day weekly counts as a recurring meal. You can refer as many friends as you want to receive as many referral bonuses as you want.* 

Not sure if your client's office qualifies? We are happy to find out for you! 

*only one referral bonus per new client, other restrictions may apply. 

How will this work?

Upon receiving your referral, we will send them a nice note to introduce Lish, what we offer, 

and why we are contacting them. If they're not interested, no hard feelings.

If your client gets sets up a pilot with Lish, we’ll send you your referral reward! It's that easy!