Chef Chera Amlag Chera Amlag

• Baker & Owner, Hood Famous Bakeshop
• Baker & Owner, Food & Sh*t modern Filipino cuisine
• Self-taught pastry chef
• Philippines born, with a passion for showcasing unique Filipino ingredients

I bake for smiles, the aroma, and for a little decadence in our lives.  As a self-taught pastry cook, I enjoy bringing community together around food and utilizing our taste buds to express culture. My family immigrated from the Philippines to the US when I was a young child. Growing up in the Pacific Northwest, I found baking with tropical flavors and incorporating them into popular American desserts was not only an homage to my Filipino American identity, but made for a memorable sweet experience.

In September 2013, my husband Geo and I started a monthly pop-up restaurant titled Food & Sh*t showcasing modern Filipino cuisine. It's been a playful journey since opening our doors, and a wonderful outlet for culinary creativity which we enjoy sharing with our greater Seattle community.