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Catering Lead / Driver Handbook

Welcome to the Lish Catering Lead/Driver Handbook!

This handbook will guide you through what’s needed for a typical shift at Lish.  You can also find other policies and procedures for Lish catering leads. Just let us know if you have any questions! You can always reach a driver manager by email at

For resources available to drivers and catering leads related to COVID-19, please see:

Shift Guide

Each shift should follow this general outline.  Check each link for more information:

For Hot Pickups
  1. Follow GPS to Pickup Location
  2. Pick up meal – you should arrive by the beginning of the pickup window
  3. Fill out Packing Sheet
  4. Complete task (upload photo(s) of completed packing list)


For Deliveries

  1. Start Onfleet task when leaving for delivery
  2. Set up buffet at delivery location within delivery window
  3. Complete task (upload photo(s) of buffet setup)
  4. Return to kitchen to clean/return supplies (check out with Ops Associate)
  5. Clock out via Humanity once you are finished putting away your supplies
  6. Submit Mileage/Parking Fees/Tolls via Humanity (full website only; Sunday night deadline each week for prior week)

Other Policies & Procedures