Buckwheat Snail Cookie $4.50

Vegetarian - Gluten free - Nut free - Organic

Buckwheat Snail Cookie by Chef Colleen Kerr

Chef Colleen Kerr

Chef Colleen Kerr

• Owner, recipe developer, Sweetgrass Foods
• Lawyer, University V.P.
• Organic, healthy and creative cuisine

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The cookie was named one of the best in Seattle by Eater when we first opened. It’s a “classic” chocolate chip cookie, so think chewy-chocolatey, made with buckwheat flour and hints of shredded coconut. The cookie bakes up into what one of our co-owner Erika’s daughters thought looked like a snail. The name stuck. These cookies are addictive.

Ingredients Ingredients

buckwheat flour; coconut flakes, unsweetened; baking soda, organic; salt, kosher; butter, unsalted; eggs; sugar, dark brown; sugar, white; vanilla powder; chocolate, chips 60%; salt, sea

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