Classic Burger Bar with Veggie Burgers $11.95


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Classic Burger Bar with Veggie Burgers by Chef Katie Cox

Chef Katie Cox

Chef Katie Cox

• Professional Chef & Food Blogger
• Alum, La Reve Bakery
• Studied cooking in Sienna, Italy
• Arkansas born, with a passion for Southern Comfort Food

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Build your own veggie burger bar with lettuce, tomato, cheddar cheese, ketchup, mustard, sriracha mayo, and pickles. Served with roasted rosemary potatoes and jalapeno corn.

Ingredients Ingredients

veggie burger (black beans, tomato, peppers, cheese, egg, panko breadcrumbs, salt and pepper), buns (flour, malted barley flour, sugar, yeast, canola/soy oil, vinegar), toppings (lettuce, tomato, cheddar cheese, ketchup (tomatoes, distilled vinegar, corn syrup, salt, spice, onion powder), mustard (distilled white vinegar, mustard seeds, salt, tumeric, natural flavor and spices), sriracha mayo (oil, water, eggs, vinegar, salt, sugar, lemon juice, chili, sugar, salt, garlic, distilled vinegar, xanthan gum), pickles, roasted rosemary potatoes (potatoes, rosemary, oil, salt, pepper, paprika, garlic powder), and jalapeno corn (corn, jalapeños, butter, salt and pepper)

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