Sweet Potato, Greens & Grains with Organic Tofu $11.95

Vegan - Organic

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Sweet Potato, Greens & Grains with Organic Tofu by Sweetgrass



• Owner, recipe developer, Sweetgrass Foods
• Lawyer, University V.P.
• Organic, healthy and creative cuisine

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Greens and grains mixed together with roasted sweet potato, fennel and apples and a citrus-coriander vinaigrette.

Ingredients Ingredients

spinach, arugula, soaked pearled barley, adzuki and mung beans, shaved fennel, roasted sweet potatoe, basil, apple cider vinegar soaked sultanas, hazelnuts, citrus-coriander vinaigrette (agave syrup, coriander, grapefruit, lemon, lime, olive oil, orange, salt), organic sprouted tofu

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