Grab 'n Go Matcha Caesar with Organic Tofu $10.95

Vegan - Dairy free

Grab 'n Go Matcha Caesar with Organic Tofu by Chef Colleen Kerr

Chef Colleen Kerr

Chef Colleen Kerr

• Owner, recipe developer, Sweetgrass Foods
• Lawyer, University V.P.
• Organic, healthy and creative cuisine

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Here is the thing, Colleen’s mom orders Caesar salad probably 90% of the time they go out to eat - like everywhere. So this is for her and that means it has to be good. Instead of anchovies, our dressing uses a combination of creamed soaked cashews and matcha tea. The combination provides that savory Caesar flavor and texture in a way that is so 2017 and makes it a day-in day-out go-to. And just so you are in the know, Colleen’s mom loves it with chicken or salmon, this one is vegan with tofu. Packaged ready to eat!

Ingredients Ingredients

baby gem lettuce, cherry tomatoes, basil, croutons (*contains gluten), vegan parmesan, dressing (capers, cashews, garlic, lemon, matcha, dijon mustard, olive oil, The Wizard's organic worcestershire (*contains tamari, mushrooms, onion), baked organic sprouted tofu (grapeseed oil, balsamic vinegar, red wine vinegar)

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