Flatstick Caesar Salad $1.10

Flatstick Caesar Salad by Chef Ethan Stowell (FS)

Chef Ethan Stowell (FS)

Chef Ethan Stowell (FS)

• Chef and Owner at 14 Seattle restaurants • Best Chef Nominee, James Beard Award
• Best New Chef, Food & Wine Magazine
• Devoted to the Seattle community
• Consulting Chef for the Seattle Mariners

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Caesar salad with pizza is like butter on toast--they just go together. Enjoy crunchy chopped romaine, parmesan, croutons, and our delicious parmesan dressing.

*croutons, parmesan and dressing served on the side.

Ingredients Ingredients

Croutons (croutons (enriched flour, canola/sunflower oil, rosemary extract, less than 2%: salt, garlic, yeast, sugar, natural flavor (with smoke), annatto)
Flatstick Caesar Salad (romaine)
Parmesan (parmesan cheese (pasteurized part skim cows milk, cheese culture, salt, enzymes, powdered cellulose))
Parmesan Dressing (parmesan dressing (soybean oil, distilled vinegar, parmesan cheese, high fructose corn syrup, egg yolks, less than 2%: garlic, onion, anchovy, spices)

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