Impossible Loco Moco $15.00

Vegetarian - Dairy free

Impossible Loco Moco by Chef Eric Rivera

Chef Eric Rivera

Chef Eric Rivera

Chef Eric Rivera, addo:incubator
Eater's Chef of the Year 2018

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Enjoy this contemporary vegan Hawaiian dish made with ground Impossible beef in a delectable teriyaki gravy and served with a delicious macaroni salad, chilled grilled pineapple rice and savory melon poke.

Ingredients Ingredients

Impossible Loco Moco (impossible beef (textured wheat protein, coconut oil, potato protein, natural flavors, 2% or less of: leghemoglobin (soy), yeast extract, soy protein isolate, konjac and xanthan gum, coconut oil, potato protein), teriyaki gravy (tamari (water, organic soybeans, salt, organic alcohol), corn starch, sugar))
Chilled Grilled Pineapple Rice (pineapple, white rice, rice vinegar, seaweed)
Macaroni Salad (macaroni (flour, salt, egg), mayo (vegetable oil, egg, salt, rice vinegar), green onions, onions, garlic)
Savory Melon Poke (seasonal melon, rice vinegar, seaweed, sesame seeds)

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