Chef Aly Anderson Aly Anderson

Aly Anderson has always been in love with baking, cakes, pastries...and honestly, eating. Feeling hungry one day when she was 7, she asked her big sister to teach her how to bake a banana bread. Thus, her journey into the world of Sugarcraft & Cakery began. At the age of 23, she officially became a business owner when she took over Piroshki on 3rd in 2016. Not only did she love the piroshkies, which reminded her of Filipino empanadas, she also
thought she could add to the bakery by bringing in her own special cakes and desserts.
Since then, Aly has created the "Pinoyshki" (Filipino Piroshki). The Garlic Beef "Asado" pinoyshki gained popularity very quickly and got the attention of Food Network's Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives.

People can't seem to get enough of her seasonal desserts, particularly the Mexican Hot Chocolate and the Turon. So much so that she started partaking in couples' happily-ever-after stories by crafting beautiful customized wedding cakes.

Always trying to fine-tune her recipes and bring new kinds of sweet delights to the table, Aly continues to expand her skills by training under some of the worlds best bakers and pastry artists.