Chef Amir Razzaghi Amir Razzaghi

The Razzaghi’s Family of Seattle, Washington established RAZZíS in 2011. The family used the traditions and recipes passed down in their family to create the distinctive recipes used today. The first RAZZíS location was opened on Greenwood St in the area of Seattle. As RAZZíS built their reputation for Seattle-style pizza, they upgraded to a more upscale, yet casual restaurant. The company continues to grow in the Pacific Northwest and is expanding its concept to include the Pacific.

If you're a gluten-free vegan and your friend is the traditional meat-loving type, you're probably heading to RAZZíS PIZZERíA. With our 4 complete menus (Traditional, Gluten-Free, Vegan & Gluten-Free/Vegan), we've got a LOT of something for everyone!
The idea to diversify our menu started a decade ago when we heard that more and more of our customers had either developed gluten-intolerance or had family members suffering from it. They could no longer come to our restaurant and enjoy the foods they had grown up with. So, we started this journey to make everything on our menu available to those with gluten-intolerance, and by request it spread into lactose-intolerance and other areas as well. We’re coming up with new recipes all the time to improve and satisfy our customers. Our mission is to see everyone enjoying their favorite foods without sacrificing their health or well-being. Whether you like a traditional crust with the works, or find yourself avoiding certain foods for health/dietary purposes, at RAZZíS you know you can savor without sacrifice.

We love Mother Nature as much as you do and are making our best efforts to protect it. We use all natural, non-toxic and biodegradable cleaners in our restaurant, as well as recycled tissue paper, portion cups, paper plates, plastic ware and to-go containers.