Chef Ariel Bangs Ariel Bangs

My focus is on clean eating, creating flavorful vegan and gluten-free meals—a new vision of what vegan and gluten-free should taste like. It should make your taste buds dance!

The culinary philosophy I follow is that food should heal, inspire, excite and nourish our beings, using the finest and freshest seasonal ingredients, grown sustainably, locally and without chemicals, leaving you smiling.

I am currently in the process of opening a bakery here in Seattle, full of vegan, gluten-free, and sugar-free baked goods, desserts, and dehydrated goodies.

Food is our most precious ally, sustaining us, nourishing us and providing us with the building blocks for our daily best! Every morsel we put in our mouths should be of high quality, be flavor-packed and memorable, feeding our soul and spirit while sustaining us throughout our day.

I believe that cuisine is an exploration of culture through food and should touch each of our senses! Cuisine reminds us that food is love, meant to evoke memories of childhood, new experiences and great connections while nourishing our bodies, strengthening our relationships, creating and refreshing our awareness of beauty in one single whiff.