Chef Christophe Christophe

Christophe was born in the South of France on a 19th century farm. His father is a farmer and his mother runs her own business. He grew up around animals and thus food his entire life. As a young child, he spent a lot of time with Grandfather taking care of sheep, rabbits, and the garden on the farm. He helped with everything from making cheese to curing meat after butchering the whole animal. A pivotal childhood experience, a sort of right of passage, was at 12 years old, being told by his Grandfather that he needed to learn to kill a rabbit on his own. After he did this he then asked his grandmother what would happen to it now, she showed him how to cook it into a traditional stew with vegetables from their garden. The stew was served to the whole family. He started making pies and cooking more rabbits in his own way, although the stew continues to be a comfort food for Christophe.

Initially Christophe thought he would be a farmer and even entered an agricultural boarding school. In college Christophe studied Hospitality Business and worked in a bar/restaurant allowing him to get back to his passion of working with food.

Over the next 24 years Christophe has cooked, bartended, served, and managed some of the top bars and restaurants in the South of France, Monaco, New York, and Seattle, including opening 10 different restaurants and bars. The restaurants ranged in size and specialty, but all benefited from Christophe’s deep connection to food and his customers. About 7 years ago, he launched Christophe LLC which has provided bartending classes, services and catering to small intimate groups and large parties of up 250 guests.
Christophe has become the proud father of two amazing daughters.

Chef Christophe does not have any items on the menu for Monday.