Chef John Tran - SMC John Tran - SMC

Chef John Tran expands on his Vietnamese restaurant Tigerly Ox to bring everyone's favorite, meatballs, to Seattle with his new Seattle Meatball Company. It is said that some of the earliest records of meatballs are in countries along the trade routes. It seemed everyone had their own version but the dish was essentially the same. Because of this, meatballs tie nations together. The main difference were the ingredients used. Regions played a big part in the components. For instance, China had an abundance of pork and therefore made plenty of pork meatballs while early ambitious Roman eaters enjoyed peacock, pheasant and rabbit meatballs. While peacock, pheasant and rabbit aren't currently on the list of options, there are plenty of delicious meatball options and sauces to enjoy from Seattle Meatball Company!