Chef Larry Milner Larry Milner

My first experience in a professional kitchen was while going to University of Arizona. That sparked my passion for food and led me to the California Culinary Academy. To pay for school, I joined Paula La Duc Catering, one of San Francisco’s premier catering companies. After culinary school I got to work under and learn from Chef Nancy Oakes and Chef Jeremy Culver in San Francisco and New York.

After a few years of working at restaurants I was able to fulfill my dream of traveling through Europe, where I enjoyed the food and recipes of Spain and Italy. Upon returning I became the Executive Sous Chef of the Village Idiot Los Angeles. A year and a half later I decided to give back to future chefs, and became a Chef Instructor at the Art Institute of Orange County.

After a brief stint as an executive chef at Princess Cruise Lines, my urge to explore the the Pacific Northwest cuisine brought me to Seattle. In the two years in Seattle I've worked for Ethan Stowell and Matt Lewis cooking both Italian food and Creole food respectively. Currently I lead the kitchen for the popular Where ya at Matt truck.

Food Philosophy: Keep it simple. Use local ingredients that are in season and
allow the flavors of the ingredients to define the dish.

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