Chef Lisa Nakamura Lisa Nakamura

Growing up in Hawaii, I ate a wide spectrum of food. My culinary training is classical French and I started my cooking journey in Lisa Dupar's kitchen. I have cooked in many restaurants including the world renowned The French Laundry. I have also been a chef in Germany, Korea, as well as spent time in kitchens in France and Austria. Most recently I owned and operated Allium on Orcas Island for three years.

I am currently in the process of opening Gnocchi Bar here in Seattle. And I'm really excited about introducing my gnocchi and other food to Seattle folk on Lish.

My philosophy: Food should be made with care and love, no matter how much or little it costs. There are no substitutes for good quality. Food should not only fill your stomach, it should fill your soul. That's what good cooking is all about.