Chef Colleen Kerr Colleen Kerr

Colleen Kerr is lawyer who maintains a whole other life as Vice President at one of the state's research universities. Born and raised in Spokane, she has studied and lived in Scotland, Ireland, Israel, Chicago, and New Orleans—and traveled to many other places. In a time before organic food was readily available, she was raised on organic food - and is the little sister of one of the owner’s of Seattle’s iconic Grand Central Bakery, one of the leaders in farm-to-table and artisan baking. Indeed, good food is a part of her family history.

The recipes for most of Sweetgrass Food Co.’s food and drink were born in her kitchen—and in her head and her heart. Colleen, with her husband and Sweetgrass co-owner Mike Moon as her best taste-taster, test all the recipes themselves too. And when something needs refining, the other co-owner Erika Denton is the one who hammers out the details. So, many bowls of pottage were eaten around the family tables before making it onto the menu. The buckwheat Snail Cookies that everyone goes bananas for? Those are Colleen’s creation. And that addictive Matcha Tea Cake came together with Erika's ingenuity.