Chef John Tran John Tran

I grew up bonding with my mom in the kitchen. There, she taught me not only about cooking, but about life. I was exposed to the techniques and flavors of her beloved home country, Vietnam, and of the cuisine that I grew up on.

I came to work in the French Bistro my family opened in my adolescence. There, I was exposed to ingredients, flavors, methods, and techniques that still influences me today. At the time, they were so foreign, yet so inspirational to me.

My many travels to Vietnam granted me a depth of insight into an eating culture that assimilates well with the American palate. Food that is fresh and flavorful, as well as light and healthy. I cultivated my Vietnamese identity during these trips, learning a great deal from my in-laws in their Wine Bistro. In fact, the wine-bistro is still in operations in the same house in Vietnam that my wife grew up in.

Today, I bring you wholesome takes on popular Vietnamese market foods. I hope you are transported to a simpler time, where meals are hearty, fresh, and humble. Come dine with us!