Jennifer Shea Jennifer Shea

Jennifer Shea, the visionary founder of Trophy Cupcakes, has been celebrated for revolutionizing the world of gourmet cupcakes and elevating the dessert experience. She is a fervent advocate for women in business and a passionate leader in her community.

Since launching Trophy Cupcakes in Seattle in 2007, Jennifer has transformed it into a beacon of culinary excellence and innovation, renowned for its imaginative flavors and exquisite presentations. Her commitment to using high-quality ingredients is matched by her dedication to creating a positive and empowering work environment for her team. Jennifer takes pride in Trophy Cupcakes being a women-owned business and actively supports and uplifts her staff, providing opportunities for professional development and growth. This nurturing approach has helped shape the company's culture, making it not only a favorite among dessert aficionados but also a model workplace. Jennifer's efforts in championing women's roles in the culinary world and her community-focused initiatives have garnered her national recognition and multiple local awards, including features in notable publications and an appearance on the Martha Stewart show. Trophy Cupcakes is not just a bakery, but a positive force in the communities it serves.