Chef James Pech James Pech

• Head Chef at Wanderfish Poke
• Chef & Owner, Gather
• Alum, Osteria La Spiga, Altstadt, Blind Pig Bistro
• Passion for local, seasonal ingredients

I began cooking with my grandmother and great-grandmother as a child. I spent summers with them in Northeast Iowa, and also learned the joy of growing your own food from them. I had my first radish patch when I was six years old, and my Grandma Erma made sure I weeded and watered it on a regular basis. I was quite proud of those first radishes, and loved eating them with her, straight from the garden, with just a pinch of salt. From handmade noodles to lemon meringue pie, there was nothing I was not willing to try, and nothing my grandmothers would not share with me.

But, somewhere along the way, I forgot about my love of cooking. I did a stint at engineering school, where I learned I didn't want to be an engineer. After floating around the country I finally settled in Seattle eight years ago with the intention of following my culinary passion. A brief but informative stint at Spring Hill confirmed that I was doing what I love.

I spent time at Osteria La Spiga, was the sous chef at Hitchcock, the opening chef de cuisine at Altstadt, and focused on cooking at Blind Pig Bistro. Now, with the desire to spend more time with my three year old daughter, I've started an online restaurant called Gather.

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