Basil & Bird Pizza $40.00

Spicy (mild)

Basil & Bird Pizza by Chef Ethan Stowell

Chef Ethan Stowell

Chef Ethan Stowell

• Chef and Owner at Ballard Pizza Co, Tavolata, Staple & Fancy +10 more
• Nominee for Best Chef, James Beard Award
• Best New Chef, Food & Wine Magazine
• Author, Ethan Stowell's New Italian Kitchen


Serves 3 - 4/ea - 18" pizza

Bite into a warm slice of this pizza topped with chicken, garlic confit, Mama's Lil Peppers, red onion and olives, all atop a tomato sauce base.


Basil & Bird Pizza (dough (flour, yeast, salt), tomato sauce (tomato), mozzarella (milk), pecorino (sheep's milk), chicken (chicken, lemon), garlic confit (garlic, canola oil), Mama's Lil Peppers (peppers, canola oil, evoo, vinegar, garlic, spices, hot chiles, lemon juice), red onion, Taggiasca olive, oregano)
Parmesan Cheese Packets (parmesan cheese)
Red Pepper Flake Packets (red chili pepper)


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