Beef and Vegetable Stew $12.95

Gluten free - Dairy free - Paleo - Organic

Beef and Vegetable Stew by Chef Amanda Sue

Chef Amanda Sue

Chef Amanda Sue

I can't imagine doing anything else that would allow me to nourish people's minds, bodies, and souls as much as providing the perfect meal. It provides a connection that words cannot describe.


Beef stew made from grass-fed beef in Washington. Mixed with onion, blueberries, carrots slow cooked and place in your hands for a healthy hearty delicious meal.


beef, onion, blueberries, carrots,seasonings, homemade beef stock

Reviews (3)

Elizabeth M.

February 19, 2015

Super delicious. I've never had blueberry-infused beef stew and the flavors worked perfectly together. Surpringly spicy, as well!


Sarah T.

January 31, 2015

Very good but needed a little more spices.

Chris R.

January 29, 2015

We loved it! The meat was so tender.