Vegan Beyond "Beef" Piroshki $11.50

Vegan - Nut free

Vegan Beyond "Beef" Piroshki by Chef Aly Anderson

Chef Aly Anderson

Chef Aly Anderson

• Chef/Owner of Pinoyshki Bakery and Cafe
• Well-known for their piroshkies, cakes, and soups
• Graduate at the top of her class at the leading Culinary Arts school in the Philippines


1.5 per serving

Delicious warm vegan piroshki filled with plant-based Beyond Meat beef and Chao Cheese.


vegan dough (yeast, sugar, oil, flour, vegan butter), Beyond Beef (pea, rice, and mung bean protein, canola and coconut oil, cocoa butter, potato starch, apple, vinegar, lemon, sunflower lecithin, pomegranate, beet), Chao Cheese (coconut oil, corn and potato starch, fermented tofu, olive extract), soy-based wash on dough


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