Black Raspberry Soda $2.95

Gluten free

Black Raspberry Soda by Hot Lips

Hot Lips

Hot Lips

• Portland based real fruit soda
• Family owned pizzeria and soda brewery
• Locally sourced fruit, real sugar


Intensely flavorful, our Black Raspberry Soda is unique and addictive. It’s crafted from plump, ripe Oregon berries and left unfiltered, resulting in luxurious texture and deep, dark flavor.


lightly carbonated filtered water, real organic lemon juice, cane sugar, raspberries

Reviews (1)

Kim C.

May 3, 2016

Delicious soda, great flavor, but not great enough to justify $2.95 for the bottle (compared with the Dry soda options for a dollar less)

4 stars for flavor, 3 for price