Chicken and Tomatillo Tamale Plate $15.50

Gluten free - Dairy free - Spicy (mild) - Contains Sesame

Chicken and Tomatillo Tamale Plate by Chef Leticia Gallegos

Chef Leticia Gallegos

Chef Leticia Gallegos


2 tamales per order

A staple in Mexico, chicken breasts are simmered for hours, then hand pulled and mixed with a housemade green tomatillo sauce before being enveloped in masa. Served with fragrant orange rice, creamy refried beans, and a duo of red and green salsas.


Chicken and Tomatillo Tamales (chicken, jalapeno, tomatillo, cumin, pepper, cloves, bay leaf, garlic, pumpkin seeds, corn kernels, sesame seeds, rice, corn masa, vegetable shortening, baking powder)
Refried Beans (pinto beans, onion, garlic, salt, vegetable oil)
Orange Rice (jasmine rice, vegetable oil, onion, tomato, salt)
Red Salsa (arbol peppers, tomatillos, salt, black pepper)
Green Salsa (jalapeños, tomatillos, salt, black pepper, cilantro, garlic)


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