Classic Meatloaf with Stuffed Baked Potato $13.99

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Classic Meatloaf with Stuffed Baked Potato by Chef Amanda Sue

Chef Amanda Sue

Chef Amanda Sue

I can't imagine doing anything else that would allow me to nourish people's minds, bodies, and souls as much as providing the perfect meal. It provides a connection that words cannot describe.

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Mom's meatloaf smothered in a beer, honey tomato base sauce baked to perfection. Served on the side with a stuffed baked potato with broccoli, bacon and melted cheese.

  • ⓞ Oven 10-12 min, 350°F
  • ⓜ Microwave 2-3 min

Ingredients Ingredients

pork, beef, egg, onions, tomatoes, zucchini, herbs, seasoning, honey, beer, green beans, carrot, garlic, celery, bread, potatoes, butter, salt pepper, broccoli, bacon, cheddar

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