Grab 'n Go Beef Bibimbap Bowl with Brown Rice $14.00

Contains Sesame

Grab 'n Go Beef Bibimbap Bowl with Brown Rice by Chef Peter Pak

Chef Peter Pak

Chef Peter Pak


Enjoy this pre-made Korean bibimbap grab & go bowl! Brown rice is topped with with bulgogi beef, bean sprouts, pickled radish, carrots, zucchini, egg and served with a side of spicy red chili sauce and sweet sesame garlic sauce. Just grab, stir and enjoy!


Grab & Go Beef Bibimbap Bowl (beef (soy sauce, sugar, garlic, ginger, kiwi, onion, green onion, mirin, sesame oil), Brown rice, bean sprouts (bean sprouts, garlic, sesame oil, green onion), pickled radish (Korean daikon, rice vinegar, sugar, garlic, red chili flakes), carrots, zucchini (zucchini, sesame oil, garlic), egg)
Sweet Sesame Garlic Sauce (soy sauce, sugar, pineapple, mustard, garlic, sesame oil)
Spicy Red Chili Sauce (Korean gochujang (red pepper powder, corn syrup, red pepper seasoning (red pepper powder, water, salt, garlic, onion), wheat flour, salt, rice powder, soybean powder, glucose, garlic powder, monosodium l-glutamate, potassium sorbate), Sprite, garlic, sesame oil, brown sugar)


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