Vegan Omni "Pork" Musubi $4.75

Vegan - Contains Sesame

DEPRECATED Vegan Omni "Pork" Musubi by Chef Sheldon Simeon - Bellevue

Chef Sheldon Simeon - Bellevue

Chef Sheldon Simeon - Bellevue

• Bravo Top Chef
• Previous Executive Chef/Owner of Maui's Tin Roof


1 per order

100% plant-based version of our fan favorite musubi using OmniPork Luncheon style pork substitute. All the flavor of the OG musubi with even more love for the planet.


white rice, Omni "Pork" (soy protein concentrate, coconut oil, yeast extract, wheat gluten, methylcellulose, soy protein isolate, potato starch, salt, beet powder), seaweed (laver seaweed, corn oil, sunflower seed oil, sesame oil), sweet shoyu sauce (low sodium soy sauce, corn starch, garlic, ginger, mirin, brown sugar, white sugar, sesame oil), garlic crisp (garlic, palm oil), furikake (sesame seed, sugar, seaweed, salt, maltodextrin, disodium succinate, disodium inosinate)


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