Glass Noodles with Beef $10.50

Dairy free - Nut free

Glass Noodles with Beef by Chef James Park

Chef James Park

Chef James Park

• Korean-born Chef
• Chef Consultant on Korean Cuisine
• Certification from Korea's Ministry for Food, Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries

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Stir-fried glass noodles with beef. Served with side of housemade kimchi and chilled sesame broccoli.

Per Korean traditional cuisine, the kimchi and chilled broccoli are served in small quantities and intended as an accompaniment to your meal. Additional broccoli and kimchi can be ordered if you would like to have extra.

Ingredients Ingredients

beef, soy sauce, sugar, black pepper, sesame oil, glass noodles (potato starch), carrots, onions, green onions, sesame seeds, broccoli, kimchi (cabbage, green pepper, onion, carrots, chili pepper, garlic, sugar, corn syrup)

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