DEPRECATED Lentils Rice Plate Boxed Lunch $11.75

Vegan - Gluten free - Spicy (mild)

DEPRECATED Lentils Rice Plate Boxed Lunch by Chef Meeraf Mamo

Chef Meeraf Mamo

Chef Meeraf Mamo

• Chef/Owner of Geni's Ethiopian Corner


Spoon this delicious Ethiopian-spiced lentils stew laced with berbere spice over injera, the traditional Ethiopian fermented flatbread. Served with a side of fragrant coconut rice and seasonal greens deglazed with white wine.


Lentils Mesir Wat Boxed Lunch (mesir wat (onions, berbere spice blend (*contains onion, garlic, nightshade), rice bran oil, garlic, ginger, tomatoes, red lentils), greens (kale, onions, rice bran oil, oregano, garlic, white wine, cumin, black pepper, chili peppers), coconut rice (coconut milk, turmeric, basmati rice))
Injera (teff flour, water)
What is Injera? (Injera is a flatbread made from the grain teff, whose characteristic spongy texture and slightly sour flavor come from fermenting the teff batter. Traditionally, injera is used as both the serving platter and the eating utensil.)


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