Pad Thai with Pork $15.00

Dairy free - Contains Nuts

Pad Thai with Pork by Chef Suwat Piyathanawiwat

Chef Suwat Piyathanawiwat

Chef Suwat Piyathanawiwat


Stir-fried thin rice noodles with marinated pork, red onion, turnip, egg, and bean sprouts, topped with ground peanuts.


Pad Thai with Pork (pork (pork, tapioca flour, golden mountain seasoning sauce (soybean sauce (soybean, corn), sugar, salt, disodium 5' - ribonucleotides)), rice noodles, red onion, turnip, bean sprouts, scallion, egg, pad thai sauce (soy sauce, thin soy sauce, fish sauce, tamarind, vinegar, sugar))
Peanuts for Pad Thai (peanuts)


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