Tabassum PopUp - Amazon $0.00

Tabassum PopUp - Amazon by Chef Suriya Yunusova

Chef Suriya Yunusova

Chef Suriya Yunusova

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Samsa + Side $7
Two Samsas $9.50
Two Samsas + Side $11.50
Beef Plov $10

Samsa $5
Puff pastry hand pie with various fillings, sprinkled with sesame seeds

Spiced Beef (Halal beef and onion with cumin)
Chicken Curry (Halal chicken with curry and green peas)
Spinach & Potato (V) (Cooked with onions in clarified butter, brushed with egg)
Mushroom & Potato (VG) (Cooked with onions and brushed with vegan mayo)

Carrot or Beet Salad $3
Homemade Baklava $1.75
- ask chef for variety -

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