Damoori Kitchen PopUp $0.00

Damoori Kitchen PopUp by Chef Andrea Ryan

Chef Andrea Ryan

Chef Andrea Ryan

• Passionate About Bringing Traditional Lebanese to Seattle
• Executive Chef & Owner of Damoori Kitchen & Levantine Market in the Magnolia neighborhood

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Djaj wi Ruz: Chicken with Mint Rice $11
Kafta with Mint Rice $11
Betinjan Fatteh: Eggplant & Chickpeas with Mint Rice (V+) $10
- optional yogurt sauce

Hummus & Pita (V+) $2
Za'atar Labneh & Pita (V) $3
Kibbeh Meatballs $3
Baklava (V) $2
Bonjus Juice (mango, orange, or pineapple) $2.50

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