Fried Pork Gyoza $5.50

Dairy free

Fried Pork Gyoza by Chef Saki Narusaka

Chef Saki Narusaka

Chef Saki Narusaka

• Chef/Owner Ten Sushi
• Born in Japan and grew up in family-run food businesses

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Serves 2 - 3/ea - 5 pcs per order

Traditional fried Japanese pork dumplings. Served with housemade ponzu sauce.

Ingredients Ingredients

Fried Pork Gyoza (wrapper (unbleached enriched flour), pork, onion, textured vegetable protein (soy), soy sauce, green onion, sesame oil, wine, garlic, vegetable oil, potato starch, sugar, ginger, spices)
Ponzu Sauce (yuzu citrus, soy sauce, bonito and kelp stock, rice vinegar, mirin)