General Tso's Chicken $15.00

Dairy free

General Tso's Chicken by Uptown China

Uptown China

Uptown China

People come from near and far to partake in the savory Chinese cuisine offered at Uptown China. A combination of Hunan, Szechwan and a touch of Cantonese, with luscious tangy sauces that invigorate the natural flavors of the quality ingredients.


General Tso's Chicken is that perfect combination of sweet, savory, spicy and tangy with crispy Chinese chicken bites. Served with steamed rice.


General Tso's Chicken (chicken, dried red peppers, sauce (cornstarch, sugar, white pepper powder, alcohol, ginger, garlic, soy sauce, dark soy sauce, vinegar, egg, monosodium glutamate))
White Rice (steamed white rice)


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