Gluten Free Rainbow Platter $79.00

Gluten free - Dairy free - Nut free

Gluten Free Rainbow Platter by Chef Kevin Chin (ILS)

Chef Kevin Chin (ILS)

Chef Kevin Chin (ILS)

• 18 years' expertise in Japanese cuisine
• Locally sourced fresh ingredients
• Serving quality Japanese cuisine since 1992


Serves 4 - 5/ea - 48 pieces

Snow crab, tuna, and salmon rolls are the stars in this Rainbow platter!

Rainbow roll with snow crab, California roll with snow crab, Tuna roll, Seattle roll, cucumber roll, spicy tuna roll, salmon roll, spicy salmon chumaki roll.


sushi rice (rice, vinegar, sugar, salt, konbu, mirin (rice wine)), nori seaweed (in rolls only), wasabi

rainbow roll with snow crab
California roll (snow crab, sushi rice, nori, cucumber, avocado)
tuna roll (tuna, sushi rice, nori)
Seattle roll
cucumber roll
spicy tuna roll
salmon roll
spicy salmon chumaki roll


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