Hazelnut Financier with Blueberry Compote $4.95

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Hazelnut Financier with Blueberry Compote by Chef Sebastian Falcon

Chef Sebastian Falcon

Chef Sebastian Falcon

After finishing school at the Culinary Institute of America Sebastian joined the dessert team at the famous Canlis in Seattle. Sebastian helped design the new chocolate line at Canlis and made a lot of the desserts for guests everyday.

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This traditional French dessert probably got the name financier because of its richness. I made it with a batter in which ground hazelnuts, sugar, wheat flour and melted butter are folded into egg whites that have been beaten with sugar. Served with a perfect seasonal compote accompaniment. It's one of my favorite desserts, hope you enjoy it!

Today, we are featuring a blueberry compote.

Ingredients Ingredients

hazelnuts, sugar, butter-browned, wheat flour, egg-whites, vanilla-extract, grapes or other seasonal compote, sugar