Herb Roasted Turkey Feast for 4 $74.95

Herb Roasted Turkey Feast for 4 by Chef Guru Sigdel

Chef Guru Sigdel

Chef Guru Sigdel

• Global cuisine inspired by travel to 60 countries
• Alum, Hyatt Regency, Carnival Cruiseline
• Chef, Bon Appetit


Traditional Thanksgiving herb roasted turkey served with classic sides; layered mashed potatoes and yams, bacon roasted Brussels sprouts, and yummy moist stuffing. Traditional gravy and an orange cranberry relish top it all off. Plus a decadent pecan pie for dessert.


Turkey: Whole turkey, thyme, garlic, onion, carrots, celery, parsley
Yam/Potato: Yam, potato, butter, heavy cream
Brussels Sprouts: Bacon, Brussels sprouts
Stuffing: Bread croutons, chicken stock, spices, vegetables
Cranberry-Orange Relish: Cranberry, orange, white wine
Pecan Pie: Flour, spices, sugar, egg, brown sugar, pecan, vanilla, corn syrup

Reviews (2)

Lori L.

November 27, 2015

The turkey was beautiful, perfectly roasted and moist. The stuffing could have been a little more cornbready and sausagey. The Brussel sprouts and bacon were great. The gravy was so creamy and good I just wish there was more of it. The cranberry sauce was flavorful again I just wish there was more of it. Overall it was really lovely though.


Gary B.

November 27, 2015

Stuffing soggy texture; best turkey ever had; pie perfect; not too sweet