Herbed Chickpea Patty Bowl $12.00

Vegetarian - Contains Sesame

Herbed Chickpea Patty Bowl by Chef Mulu Abate

Chef Mulu Abate

Chef Mulu Abate

• Chef/Owner of Lovage
• Experienced chef offering a variety of authentic cuisines


Build your own healthy and hearty Greek bowl with a base of brown rice and crunchy romaine. Top with herbed chickpea patties and your favorite toppings including a crisp cucumber and tomato salad, Kalamata olives, garbanzos, pepperocini, and feta cheese. Served with creamy tzatziki and tahini sauces and a side of pita to complete the meal.


Herbed Chickpea Patties (chickpea, chickpea powder, garlic, parsley, onion, bell pepper, carrot)
Brown Rice (brown rice)
Romaine Lettuce (romaine lettuce)
Greek Cucumber and Tomato Salad (cucumber, tomato, red onion, parsley, garlic, salt, canola oil, red wine vinegar)
Garbanzos (garbanzo beans)
Kalamata Olives (kalamata olives)
Pepperocini (pepperocini, vinegar, salt)
Feta Cheese (cow's milk feta cheese)
Tahini Sauce (tahini paste (sesame seed), lemon, garlic)
Tzatziki (yogurt, cucumber, lemon juice, salt)
Pita Bread (flour, canola oil, salt, yeast)

Reviews (4)

Ashley H.

October 26, 2023 | 32 person office catering - Bellevue, WA

So very good! Cooked to perfection!


Emily C.

October 4, 2023 | 275 person office catering - Seattle, WA

Delicious vegan option that was also popular with our meat eaters. Great flavors


Max A.

December 15, 2022 | 15 person office catering - Seattle, WA



Cari M.

November 16, 2022 | 15 person office catering - Seattle Wa 98103, WA

These were delicious and so were the accompaniments!