Il Greco Vegan Pizza $22.95


Il Greco Vegan Pizza by Chef Zack Elmsaih

Chef Zack Elmsaih

Chef Zack Elmsaih

• Has owned and operated Topolino's for almost 30 years
• Traveled extensively, learning about different cuisines and flavors


Serves 2 - 3/ea

Bite into a warm slice of this flavorful vegan pizza topped with a special vegan pizza sauce, green pepper, mushroom, olive, pimento, red onion, tofu, and flavored with garlic and herbs.


Il Greco Vegan Pizza (dough (flour, yeast, sugar, margarine), vegan pizza sauce (marinara, garlic, fennel, seasoning), spinach, kalamata olive, pepperoncini, roasted pepper, tofu, garlic, Italian seasoning)


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