Kigo Kitchen PopUp $0.00

Kigo Kitchen PopUp by Chef Steve Hooper

Chef Steve Hooper

Chef Steve Hooper

• Owner of Kigo Asian Kitchen

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Kigo Kitchen PopUp

Build your own Stir-Fry Bowl

Choose a base: White Rice (Gluten-Free), Fried Rice, or Yakisoba Noodles

Choose a Protein (All Gluten-Free):
Lemongrass Chicken $11
Five-Spice Pork $11
Stir-Fried Tofu (V+) $9
Just the Veggies (V+) $8

Choose a Sauce: Teriyaki (V+), Miso Sesame (V+ GF), Red Curry (GF), Peanut Hoisin (V+)

Sweet Treat $2
Salty Snack $2

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