Larb Tofu Salad $15.00

Vegan - Dairy free - Spicy (mild)

Larb Tofu Salad by Chef Tanya Jirapol

Chef Tanya Jirapol

Chef Tanya Jirapol

• Caterer and Personal Chef, Northern Thai Cuisine
• Grew up in Thailand in a big family helping her 'Mae' (mother) cook for the family everyday.
• Alum of multiple Washington restaurants.


This is a vegan version of one of my all time favorite Thai dishes, and it is a very common dish served throughout Thailand. Nothing can beat Larb Chicken for a simple but elegant meal with friends and coworkers! Served with coconut rice.


fried tofu, rice crispy powder, chili powder, red onion, mint, lime juice, sugar, soy sauce), romaine, coconut rice (jasmine rice, coconut milk, fried shallots, sugar, salt)

Reviews (4)


Rachel T.

July 30, 2016

Thank you so much. Please add more vegetarian dishes to the menu! There are so many meat offerings every day. How about at least one tempeh or tofu entree everyday?

Aldred R.

April 29, 2016


Eve M.

March 18, 2016

This dish was spicy but bland.

Kim C.

March 17, 2016

Just as a warning on the spicy level, unless ours was an anomaly, the husband (whose spice tolerance is nuclear level) was shocked at how spicy this was and commented on how his mouth was on fire for the entire meal. Enjoyed the dish, but was much hotter than a medium.