Lau Lau Pork $12.00

Dairy free - Nut free

Lau Lau Pork by Chef Eric Rivera

Chef Eric Rivera

Chef Eric Rivera

Chef Eric Rivera, addo:incubator
Eater's Chef of the Year 2018

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Enjoy this traditional Hawaiian Lau Lau dish. Braised pork is wrapped in taro leaves and cooked until it is fall-apart-tender. Served with a delicious macaroni salad, Spam rice and savory melon poke.

Ingredients Ingredients

Lau Lau Pork (pork, cod, taro leaves, salt, pepper, tamari (organic soybeans, salt, organic alcohol))
Spam Rice (spam (pork, salt, modified potato starch, sugar, sodium nitrite), white rice, rice vinegar, seaweed)
Macaroni Salad (macaroni (flour, salt, egg), mayo (vegetable oil, egg, salt, rice vinegar), green onions, onions, garlic)
Savory Melon Poke (seasonal melon, rice vinegar, seaweed, sesame seeds)

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