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Manu's Tacos Popup by Chef Manu Alfau

Chef Manu Alfau

Chef Manu Alfau

Eschewing the traditional flavors of the Pacific North-west cuisine, and after cooking for nearly a decade, Manu Alfau took a chance in 2014 by opening Manu’s Bodega—a cubby hole in Pioneer Square. The space sat vacant for years because of its challenging, off-the-beaten-path locale, but the tiny restaurant—best described as a brick-and-mortar version of a giant tropical hug—is big on personality! Even the basics are notably bold, generously seasoned, and satisfying. His flagship restaurant has even spawned a nearby sibling. Manu’s Tacos, a guisado-style taco stand (think stews and braised dishes), located inside Flatstick Pub with the same “small but mighty” mentality. A disciple of Ethan Stowell, Manu continues to work to a high standard of quality and service when it comes to his food—he just uses different vessels.
Since opening Manu's Tacos in 2016, we have been invited to join the team at Century Link Field, now operating a full stand in section 303! Manu's Tacos is now expanding their brand through Lish and hopes to continue to grow over time.


Manu's Tacos

Three Tacos $10
Manu's Nachos $10
Two Tacos with Rice n Beans $9
Choice of Below:

- Chicken Tinga
- Pineapple Pork
- Beef Brisket
- Squash, Corn & Black Beans

Add Side Salad $2.50
Add Sliced Avocado $1

Entree Salad with Chicken $10
- Mixed Greens, Radishes, Corn, Black Beans with Avocado-Citrus Dressing

A la Carte:
Taco $3.50
Rice n Black Beans $2
Hibiscus Tea $2


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