Pichi Pichi- Cassava Pandan Dessert $1.00

Vegan - Gluten free

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Pichi Pichi- Cassava Pandan Dessert by Chef Rosario Carver

Chef Rosario Carver

Chef Rosario Carver

Rosario Carver loves diverse and delicious food! Born and raised in Manila, Rosario grew up in a family full of passionate cooks. She moved to Seattle with her familiy and continues the tradition. In addition to her thriving catering business, Rosario and her husband John bring culinary delights inspired from Bicol, Phillipines to diners throughout the region.

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These sweet cakes are made from grated cassava, flavored with pandan and rolled in coconut. Great for dessert or an afternoon snack!

Ingredients Ingredients

cassava, screwpine leaves, pandan extract, pandan color, sugar, coconut

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