Side of Pork Curry $50.00

[Deprecated] Side of Pork Curry by Chef Kevin Chin (FB)

Chef Kevin Chin (FB)

Chef Kevin Chin (FB)

• 18 years' expertise in Japanese cuisine
• Wide variety of donburi, which means ‘bowl’ in Japanese
• Original Seattle location, with sister restaurants Donburi Station in Georgetown and Bellevue


Serves 12/ea

Japanese curry! This is a staple dish that can be added to give some more depth to the entire meal. Often served with the chicken katsu, and eaten on top of rice.

Serves 12


Side of Pork Curry (onion, garlic, butter, pork, curry powder (wheat flour, vegetable oil, palm oil, grapeseed oil, curry powder, sugar, caramel color, monosodium glutamate, sucrose fatty acidesters, onion powder, pepper, chili pepper, malic acid, garlic, disodium guanylate, disodium inosinate, celery seed, mustard), tomato sauce (organic tomato puree, sea salt, citric acid, organic spice), curry flakes)


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