Steak Tartare $7.95

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Steak Tartare by Chef Jason Wilson

Chef Jason Wilson

Chef Jason Wilson

Lish Premier ChefPremier Chef

• Chef and Owner at Crush, Miller's Guild
• Best Chef Northwest, James Beard Award
• Best New Chef, Food & Wine Magazine
• Best New Restaurant, Seattle Magazine

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The classic combination of hand-cut beef, our house-made tartare mixture, and a little bit of egg, served with coffee flour waffles and some greens for garnish: not just for a Parisian afternoon anymore!

  • ⓞ Oven 375. 3-5 min
  • Toast waffle only, if desired
  • Season steak with dressing

Ingredients Ingredients

Wagyu beef (raw), hard boiled egg, mixed greens, coffee flour, millet, flour, eggs, milk, baking powder, sugar, capers, fresno peppers, shallots, parsley, vodka (just a bit).