Vegan Plov Rice Plate $12.00

Vegan - Gluten free

Vegan Plov Rice Plate by Chef Suriya Yunusova

Chef Suriya Yunusova

Chef Suriya Yunusova

In 2017 Suriya started the Tabassum food truck which has served at events and in neighborhoods in the area ever since. In that time, her food has gained in popularity via word of mouth from locals and event professionals alike.


Try Plov, an Uzbek comfort meal of rice studded with garbanzo beans, carrots, onions, apricots, dried plums, and raisins, flavored with garlic and cumin. Served with sides of zesty carrot salad and a tangy, sweet shredded beet salad.


Vegan Plov (basmati rice, garbanzo beans, sea salt, carrots, apricots, dried plums, raisins, onions, garlic, cumin, vegetable oil)
Beet Salad (beets, coriander, hot pepper, cumin, garlic)
Carrot Salad (carrots, garlic, onion, coriander, cayenne)


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