Mediterranean Vegetable Skewers & Couscous $12.95

Vegetarian - Nut free - Organic

Mediterranean Vegetable Skewers & Couscous by Chef Amanda Sue

Chef Amanda Sue

Chef Amanda Sue

I can't imagine doing anything else that would allow me to nourish people's minds, bodies, and souls as much as providing the perfect meal. It provides a connection that words cannot describe.

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Mediterranean-styled vegetable skewers grilled over an open fire to add depth of flavour to this fresh and healthy vegetarian dish. Vegetables are seasonal and may change. The skewers are accompanied by a whole wheat couscous salad and a tangy tzatziki sauce for dipping.

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seasonal veggies, whole wheat couscous, grilled kale, bell peppers, mint yogurt, garlic, lemon, seasoning, parsley

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