Vegetarian Tofu Burger $13.95


Vegetarian Tofu Burger by Chef Edgar Fauvet

Chef Edgar Fauvet

Chef Edgar Fauvet

• Classically trained in French techniques
• Over 20 years experience cooking authentic Mexican food
• Sources local and organic when possible


Delicious tofu burger with toppings and chipotle sauce! Comes with crispy potato wedges!


Romaine Lettuce (lettuce)
Tomato (tomato)
Red Onion (red onion)
Pickles (cucumber, sugar, salt, vinegar)
Mustard (vinegar, mustard seeds, water, turmeric, salt.)
Potato Wedges (potatoes, oil, salt, black pepper, garlic powder, dry oregano, paprika)
Vegetarian Tofu Burger (tofu burger (tofu, adobo sauce), vegan ciabatta bun (wheat flour, olive oil, sugar, yeast, vinegar, water), cheese, sautéed mushrooms, onions)